WATCH: Down Syndrome Children In A Heart-Warming Thank You Video Dedicated To Their Parents


As most parents head to work today after a long while working from home, the lovely people over at the Malta Down Syndrome Association uploaded a heart-warming video, which we classify under the “Things you should watch on a Monday morning” list.

Various Down Syndrome Children, including the ever-adorable Francesca Rausi, are basically thanking their parents for all they did with them, and for them during these self-isolation times.


A message our members want to pass on to all the parents who are doing the impossible for their children

Publiée par Down Syndrome Association Malta sur Samedi 6 juin 2020


The text of the video is the sweetest ever and reads as follows:


Someday everything will make perfect sense.
Staying indoors, arguing,
homeschooling, being a therapist, homeworking.

So, for now,
laugh at the confusion.

Smile through the tears,
This will pass very soon.
Remind yourself that you are a perfect parent, teacher, therapist for me,
and it was the best time spent indoors with you.

You are super great,
I love you,
and thank you!





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