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WATCH: Dove Teams Up With Lizzo To Talk Social Media & Self-Esteem


Lizzo and Dove have joined forces to draw attention to Instagram’s negative impact on self-image, as Dove enlists the singer to launch their new campaign and initiative that aims to tackle social media, digital distortion, and self-image.



Dove’s Self-Esteem Project was established in 2004, and its research found that 80% of girls use photo retouching apps by the age of 13. So, this campaign advocates for open and honest conversations on the pressure to appear ‘perfect’ online to ultimately help young people use social media in a productive and healthy way.



Meanwhile, Lizzo has been an advocate for body positivity for years and is now joining forces with Dove to encourage parents to initiate the Selfie Talk, an ongoing conversation about image manipulation online.



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As the singer shared, ‘people are struggling with their self-image and self-confidence more than ever. This is amplified by the increasing pressure to show a digitally distorted version of ourselves, reinforcing the idea that our beauty in real life is not good enough or worthy of likes.’



According to Dove, 82% of parents have “the sex talk” with their kids, but only 30% discuss the pressures of social media. Dove also comes from a company that banned excessive photo editing earlier this year.


In 2020, they conducted a survey, finding that 77% of around 2,500 respondents said they try to change or hide at least one body part or feature before sharing a selfie, whilst 61% said they wish the public would judge them on their personality.