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WATCH: Dolphins Spotted Super Close To Boats Near San Paul’s Island, Malta

Over the past couple of weeks, we have definitely seen our fair share of dolphin videos.

We’ve seen dolphins across Sliema’s shores multiple times, they were spotted really close to Mgarr Harbour the other week, and we even spotted them in Birzebbugia.

This time around they were at St Paul’s island, heading towards Xemxija, Michela Zammit Lupi tells Bay.

Michela and her mates spotted the dolphins while out at sea. She recalls their friendly nature, saying that they spent a good half hour swimming and playing around the boat. “I couldn’t believe it was happening!”

I don’t think we’ve ever seen such close footage of a dolphin in Malta, or better yet, of them doing that iconic jump of theirs so clearly.

Don’t know about you, but it kind of reminded me of Id-Denfil.

Got any more dolphin videos you’d like us to share? Drop us a message and we’ll give you a mention.