WATCH: Dolphins spotted inside Birzebbugia harbour

Imagine you’re casually on your dinghy, somewhere on Maltese shores, and you spot dolphins! Right here! In Malta!

That’s what happened to this guy when he spotted dolphins inside the Birzebbugia harbour.

🐳 D O L P H I N S 🐳Dolphins just inside Birzebbuga harbour circling around over excited coach Batuhan Cesur

Publiée par Birzebbuga Sailing Club Freeport sur Dimanche 24 novembre 2019

But what we love the most from this video, is the guy’s reaction.

Don’t get us wrong, if we were to see dolphins, we’d be uber excited as well… but the ‘OOOOOY HELLO’ really cracked us up.

Guess you can say he had one of the most Maltese reactions ever and we loved every singly second of it.

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