WATCH: Dolphins Spotted at Sliema Shore!

For the second time in just under a month, dolphins have been spotted in Sliema, this time venturing extremely close to the coast of Tigné.

A FIRST for Malta! 😍🐬🐬🥰 Dolphins spotted off Sliema!

A FIRST for Malta! 😍🐬🐬🥰 Dolphins spotted off Sliema as pollution levels decline due to coronavirus! 💙😱🌊💎☀😎😍 All clouds have a silver lining!🎥 Liga Bergmane

Publiée par Malta Weather sur Samedi 25 avril 2020

While lockdown is proving to be challenging for those of us who must stay home, it seems like dolphins are having a field-day roaming freely around all parts of our shores.

Since boating activity has seriously reduced, it seems dolphins have taken advantage of the situation to explore new areas, and we’re enjoying every bit of it. 

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