WATCH: Do we need these traffic lights that take longer to go green if horns are honked too loudly?

Police in India have come up with an ingenious plan to cut down on noise pollution which is a big issue in the country.

So basically, they are making vehicles wait longer for traffic lights to go green if they honk their horns too loudly while they wait.

Mumbai Police conducted a trial in November and December last year in which decibel meters were connected to traffic light poles. If the meters registered noise levels of 85 decibels or over, the lights were reset and stayed red for longer.

Now we couldn’t help but not relate to this. I mean, we honk our horns for every single little inconvenience we encounter on our roads.

Can you imagine the absolute rage that would come out of some drivers if their honking reset the traffic lights back to red?

Do you think we need to have these installed in Malta?

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