WATCH: Disney Reveals A Skinless Robot That Blinks, Stares and Breathes Like A Human


So, we all know Disney as the company with the happy mouse with red pants who makes dreams come through, right? Like, let’s be real, we all grew up watching Disney movies, and their adaptations of classic fairy-tales and original stories leaves no one dissatisfied.

Apparently, the people behind happy places like Disneyland also have a robotics research department, and they have just revealed that they haven’t been working on dreams but something closer to nightmares.



I must admit, when it comes to technology Disney has actually made quite an impressive breakthrough. They cracked the code when it comes to making robots ‘look’ realistic since usually, it’s the lifeless eyes and expression-less face that give them away. Disney managed to overcome that hurdle by strapping a camera onto this robot and letting it learn by scanning real people and the way they behave.



Now, that’s cool and all, but did they have to make it look so creepy?

Like, I’m 20, but this is still guaranteed to give me nightmares, especially considering that it has to capability to have real-looking eyes. I’m really not looking forward to seeing images of this thing in the back of my mind when I’m trying to fall asleep.



But in all seriousness, good on Disney for pushing the boundaries of robotics! After all, most of their fun-parks rely on loads of robotics and tech for their rides, so maybe soon they’ll have rides that have these robots bringing exact replicas of their characters to life.

Although I must admit, I’m not entirely looking forward to these creepy things being around me!

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