WATCH: Disney Childhood TV Shows One Just Cannot Forget!


Searching for a good-old Disney show to re-watch or a classic to binge watch again? Luckily, numerous shows are still buzzing after all these years. One can say that there are some TV shows that you, yes you, just cannot forget.

It is so nice to zone-out from reality and just revisit such shows, whilst feeling that sense of nostalgia throughout. These are the shows that you literally grew up with and have been admiring throughout your life.



Wizards of Waverly Place

Starting with our favourite magic show. ‘Oh, oh, oh it’s magic, you know’, well we sure know that show is magic. Who can forget the famous Alex Russo and her crazy adventures, and obviously her constant teases towards her brother Justin. Such a magical and diverse sitcom.



Ah, I do not know how much time I spent trying to rhyme spells when I was younger. For a while, I thought Selena Gomez was genuinely my best friend!



Good Luck Charlie

‘Hang in there baby, things are crazy, but I know your futures bright!’ Covid-19 is on everyone’s nerves but hold on tight. Things are crazy but we hope for good times ahead of us. Good Luck Charlie is such a relatable show.



If you have a crazy family, this show is a doppelgänger of your life. The sweet Duncan family is just a bowl of crazed people, but it cannot get better than that.



Hannah Montana

Who doesn’t miss Hannah Montana!? Such a classic. I remember being eager to watch Miley’s best of both worlds. Miley was such a balance queen, spontaneous, with a sassy attitude, and had a bold fashion choice.



Who didn’t want to be her? Even, I wanted to be her… and kinda maybe still do. Anyways, if you want to go down memory lane, this is the perfect show for it.



Austin and Ally

‘There’s no way I can make it without you’. I agree with Austin, there is no way we could have made it without this show. The iconic duo has just a nice resemblance to the close friendships we have with our best friends or our intimate relationship we have with a special someone. It was a tv show that combines romantic relationships, fun and silliness characters, and music, three things teenagers enjoy.



A.N.T. Farm

High school can be a tough one. Yet, this teen sitcom is the manual book one needs to make it enjoyable. Memorable and catchy songs, realistic high-school matters, trendy fashion and a variety of stellar characters is what makes A.N.T Farm.



It sure makes me believe that every guy and gal have an exceptional talent under their belt. Yep, ‘we got it, we got it’




This is not the first time we saw the gifted Debby Ryan, yet here we got to see her true potential. The series shows that life with kids/teens can feel like a party every day. The show just radiates positive social messages about family life, daily school issues including bullying awareness, and catering to society’s image standards.



The Suite Life Franchise

Who remembers the eminent blonde Disney twins? The infamous twins of the hotel are kind of remembered for their troubling causations. More Zack then Cody, yet one drags the other. It surely entertains tweens with their constant quarrels, yet makes adults roll their eyes at them.



Moreover, on deck, they habitually engage in even more mischief, with a new quarrel every day. Also, you cannot forget the icon London Tipton – a snobby, gloating, superficial yet funny, shopaholic and heart-warming person. And her infectious catchphrase – ‘Yay me’.



Sonny with a Chance

A Midwestern, typical teenager’s life change as she takes Hollywood by storm. This enjoyable series is revitalising incorporation into the tween sit-com market. We meet with a team that just conveys drama and loads of laughter.



Whilst, living Sonny’s ever-changing life through her self-confident and leadership-like personality.



Shake it Up



Every episode sure shook me up! What is better than a dance show? Um, a comedy dance show that focuses on CeCe and Rock’s friendship and their ongoing adventures. This Disney-hit has all the contemporary buzz factors; positive vibes, evocative characters and bop tunes. .

Now that you probably went down memory lane, why don’t you go and re-binge watch one of these shows? I know you want to!