WATCH: Destiny Performs For The Jury & Gets Raving Reviews


Last night, the jury show for the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest took place. And in case you didn’t know, the jury show is kind of like a dress rehearsal for the final performance, in which 50% of the results are determined.



So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal… Luckily for Malta though, Destiny received some RAVING reviews after slaying her performance, as we knew she would, of course…



Basically, five jurors in each of the sixteen participating countries – plus Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands – vote on the performances during the jury shows.


And tonight, we’ll get to know the ten lucky qualifiers from the first semi-final. Half of the votes, however, were already cast when the juries were watching and voting.



Since this was technically still a dress rehearsal, there’s still room for issues to occur. In an official statement, the board explained that some countries, including Malta, had issues with in-ear monitoring during their performances – but ‘in accordance with the rules, all artists were given the chance to perform their songs again for the national juries voting on the show’.



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Anyways… whilst the jury’s own personal preferences were irrelevant, it was just which ten they believe will qualify. All of the jurors LOVED Destiny’s performance, with one commenting, ‘she’s fucking killing it’, the other saying ‘she’s absolutely nailing it’ and lastly, ‘she’s definitely in the conversation’.


Following these raving reviews, we are so hyped to see Destiny absolutely slay it again tonight!

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