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WATCH: Demi Lovato Recreates Night Of Overdose In Powerful New Music Video


In her latest music video for ‘Dancing With The Devil’, Demi Lovato recreates a painful scene of one of her darkest moments; her near-death overdose experience of 2018…



Demi has been in the hot seat ever since her docuseries of the same name dropped, she came out as pansexual on the Joe Rogan Experience, and now, her album, ‘Dancing With The Devil’, is also officially out and available for streaming!



In the visual for this powerful track, Demi sings from her hospital bed in the ICU dark room while hooked up to an IV (the tube in her neck that her mother explained ‘was taking her blood into a machine, cleaning it, and then putting it back into her neck’ in Demi’s docuseries).



Some scenes even hover over to her family, who can be seen tearfully watching over her and holding her hand as she lays unconscious.



The co-directors of the video, Lovato and Michael D. Ratner – who also helmed the docuseries – made sure to match every little detail of the night of her overdose, from her hair colour to the green jacket she wore.



The fact that Demi was willing to make herself look like 2018 Demi and recreate everything that happened must’ve taken a lot of balls – this is surely some of the most transparency the industry has seen.