WATCH: “Dejjaqtli l-Farfett”. Young Maltese TikTok Icon Is Back With Another Hilarious Catch Phrase

We all remember this iconic TikTok from a few months back.

We spent days making pinky promises to each other and calling each other a “giddieba mil-kbar”, and some of us (me), are still doing so to this day.

That TikTok became a part of Maltese pop culture and we are not even sorry. It was perfection.

Well ladies and gents, buckle down because she (well, her brother, Justin) is back with another, equally as meme-able and relatable moment as the first.

We all get fed up with our siblings, and over the years, we have developed a portfolio of neat swear words we are able to release in front of our (probably religious) parents in order for them not to get scandalised.

Yet, this polite and hilarious way of flipping her sister off, got the oh so perfect reply that I know everyone will be repeating for weeks to come.

Check it out.

@lifewithjustin2000Dejjaqtuli il 🦋 😂 ##fyp ##reality ##sisters ##fight ##funny ##lifewithjustin2000♬ original sound – lifewithjustin2000

“Mhux bizzejjed, dejjaqtuli l-farfett”

“Kemm int hamalla”

I don’t know what I find funnier – the “dejjaqtuli l-farfett” or the “kemm int hamalla”.

This family is just lit.

Tag someone who is contantantly jdejaqqlek il-farfett.

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