WATCH: Debrii Remixes Ylenia’s Iconic BONGU, and It’s Quite a Tune!


Last week we wrote about how local DJ Debrii was treating us to remixes of some of Malta’s legends – starting off with The Queen Herself, Eileen Montesin, THAT Bread Vendor, and the Epic Kwizzun laugh, which you might have heard Daniel and Ylenia use on Bay Breakfast.

This time round, it was Ylenia’s turn to get the Debrii treatment – as within 24 hours, Debrii transformed her iconic Bongu, into one epic remix.



Here’s what happened…including Ylenia asking Debrii to turn this into the ultimate Autumn Tune!


Debrii Remixes Ylenia's 'BONGU'

Debrii has remixed Ylenia's 'BONGU' and it sounds lit!Check it out 👏😂

Publiée par 89.7 Bay sur Mardi 15 septembre 2020


Speaking to Bay, Debrii said that the main motivation behind these clips is just having fun, and trying to make others, and himself, laugh. Judging by the numbers, he is quite frankly, succeeding – after all, laughter IS the best medicine – and if you can laugh and listen to some fine music, then it’s a win-win situation!