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WATCH: Daniel Will Be Doing What Exactly?!


Those of you who tuned into Bay Breakfast with Daniel and Ylenia already know what happened, but for the benefit of those who tuned in late, here is a brief round-up of what exactly happened this morning.

One of the topics discussed was the new Santa Lucija Tunnels, with Ylenia having passed through them this weekend, and with Daniel feeling left out as he hasn’t yet – which brought duo to the next item in their discussion: Daniel feeling a sense of excitement as he passed through a new road, or a new flyover.



An Instagram poll and a few stories later, Ylenia posted a story and tagged Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg, asking for a simple favour. We want Daniel to be “that white van” when the next flyover or major road opens.

And this is what happened!



This will not stop here, tune in tomorrow, as Daniel Infrastructural Dream intensifies!