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Watch: Daniel & Ylenia jump out of a plane!

sky diving

We’re approaching the two year anniversary of Daniel & Ylenia’s Bay Breakfast together, and the one year anniversary of Daniel & Ylenia sky-diving in the island of Sicily.

We thought we’d give you a nice little throw-back Thursday and re-live the unique moment.

Ylenia being Ylenia cracked us up with her #Maltija moment – carrying extra pairs of underwear just in case she needed a quick change.

And to be honest, we’re just impressed that Daniel actually did this… I mean … have you seen him giving the Gostra a try? He could barely convince himself to run up a greasy pole knowing he’ll land in water, let alone jump off a plane.

But, they both did it – and what an amazing experience that was too!

Would you go skydiving? Let us know in the comments.