WATCH: Daniel and Ylenia Take Part in #STAY – A Suicide Awareness Campaign By Nate VF and Alec Pace


It’s not breaking news that suicide has lately become a global problem. Every single day, wherever you look, you are somehow faced with news of someone who would have committed, or thought of committing suicide. But why and how has it become so apparent?

The reason shouldn’t concern us, when in fact, the concern should be for the victim to STAY.  “STAY” is the slogan Alec Pace and Nathan Farrugia (DJ NATE VF) chose for their campaign.



Two Event Organizers, well known with teens for their events in Malta, Nathan Farrugia (DJ NATE VF) and Alec Pace decided to team up with to raise awareness about this subject, which should not be considered as a Taboo anymore.



“We noticed the sudden increase in suicides these last few years and it wasn’t being spoken about. We know people and friends who are going through depression, and we have realised that there was a lack of seriousness,” they said.



“We decided to unite many DJs/Influencers from Malta to help us in raising awareness for Suicide and Depression. We did a photoshoot with custom t-shirts which were published by the artists during Suicide Awareness week 6th-12th Sep, and a video which has be published on Suicide awareness Day 10th September – today.”



Some big names and established artists joined this campaign, such as Ira Losco, NATE VF, LEX, Daniel Testa, Ylenia Spiteri, Owen Leuellen, and much more.



Suicidal thoughts are super common and it’s more than okay if you’re experiencing such a line of thought! Every single person has their own power and strength, in other words, every single one of you has the necessary capabilities to prevent someone from committing suicide.

Reach out today, we want you to STAY.

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