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WATCH: Dad Sets Up Hilarious Trap For Son Sneaking Out Of House


We’ve all snuck out of our house at some point, right? There’s the excitement of sneaking out, the stealth of sneaking back in. Sometimes you make it back without getting noticed, and sometimes your parents sniff you out. Well, this father found his son sneaking out with his friends and saw it as an opportunity to prank all of them as well as get some amazing content for his TikTok.


Check it out (Warning: Explicit Language):



That was fun. Thanks, Alexa, for the assist! #fypage #parenting #teenager #college

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Basically, this crafty dad set up motion sensors after catching his son sneaking out. He rigged up the sensor to his Alexa, having her turn on the lights and play his pre-recorded message to his son once he thought he could get away with it.



The message says: “Hi Jesse. Next time just say you want to go out so you don’t need to climb through a window with all your friends. I hope you had fun, were safe, and didn’t crap your pants when I started talking.” He closes by saying, “I may go viral on TikTok with this. Thanks for the content.”


The camera footage catching his son sneaking back into the house


Well, he wasn’t wrong! The TikTok has since earned a whopping 13 Million views, with parents praising the dad for his genius idea. Although some parents were sceptical about allowing his son to swear at him for the prank, the dad explained saying: “This is our relationship. We all curse in our family. He’s not cursing at me, he’s giving props for busting him creatively!”



Judging by the hysterical laughter of his friends, it seems like the dad’s got the upper- hand in this game! Jesse 0, Dad 1!