WATCH: Cirque Du Soileil performer outdoes himself with petrifying stunt over Valletta Bastions

Some of us are content with having enough body strength to do a couple of push ups, while some of us are lucky to have enough for a push up … maybe two if we’re pushing it. But this guy … my god.

Have you ever been to a circus, and someone starts flying in the air, or walking on basically nothing and you get that feeling like your chest is closing and you can’t breathe until you see them safely land and can sleep soundly at night knowing you did not just watch someone fall to their death?

Russian world champion dancer Dimitry Politov has given us a sweet taste of just that in one of his latest Instagram videos.

It’s like I want to look away… but I can’t. Like I want to close off the Instagram tab, but I can’t help but press replay?

“When I was in Malta with Cirque Du Soleil I wasn’t supposed to do this, but I promised to share it when I’m back home,” Dimitry Politov cheekily stated online. 

If I had enough body strength and discipline to comfortable hand over the Valletta Bastions … would I? I’m afraid of heights so probably not, but isn’t it just amazing to have the option?

Send this to someone who’d wet themselves just looking at this.

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