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WATCH: Chris Evans Talks About Adopting His Senior Dog



Chris Evans opened up about how he rescued his senior dog ‘Dodger’.



This happened during an interview he had with BuzzFeed Celeb where he played with puppies as he answered some questions about himself and his career.


Furry BFF: Chris Evans described rescuing his boxer-mix Dodger as the 'best decision' of his life in a new interview with with BuzzFeed Celeb


He said: “Dodger was a full-grown dog. It wasn’t the story I had in my mind but it ended up being the best decision of my life. I just think a lot of adult dogs and older dogs get overlooked, and that’s a shame.”


Dog dad: While playing with a bunch of pups as he answered questions about his new movie and past work, the Lightyear star, 41, reflected on how much joy adopting his pooch, back in April 2017, has brought him


Evans regularly posts about his dog on his social media and also has his name tattooed on his chest.