WATCH: Children in Gozo dress up as saints and knock door to door collecting food for charity

While many were busy trick or treating their night away on All Hallow’s Eve, this group of children from Zebbug, Gozo, spent their mid-term holidays doing a different kind of trick or treating.

The group of kids from the Santa Marija parish dressed up as saints and went around their parish collecting food items for those in need throughout the feast of All Saints.

Publiée par Żebbuġ Gozo Parish sur Samedi 2 novembre 2019

And they didn’t knock doors empty handed, as they had also prepared a little something themselves to give to those who donated food items.

Publiée par Żebbuġ Gozo Parish sur Samedi 2 novembre 2019

Facebook users had nothing but praise for the kids, rewarding them for taking the time out of their holidays to do such a noble act.

Many called them ‘marvelous children’ and some even expressed how they feel this is the true way of celebrating the feast that comes on the 1st of November.

And we have to admit, the kids look super cute in the saint outfits. I mean, imagine finding mini saints knocking at your door, asking for some preservatives to collect … how could you not give them all you’ve got in your pantry?

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