WATCH: CCTV Footage of the Exact Moment Ħamrun House Collapsed

CCTV footage obtained by Times of Malta shows the moment the family home in Ħamrun collapsed on 2nd March, taking with it the life of Miriam Pace with it.

The body of 54-year old Miriam Pace was found in the debris at the site late on Monday, after her private residence collapsed in Hamrun.

The moment the Ħamrun house collapsed

Shocking CCTV footage captured the moment a house in Ħamrun collapsed, killing a mother of two. Four people have been arrested.

Publiée par Times of Malta sur Mardi 3 mars 2020

Sources say the body was located at around 22:00 after an intensive operation by the protection services.

Police sources say they believe the building collapse was caused by excavation works that were taking place next door.

Four people that were involved in the project to build dozens of apartments and garages, were held by the police overnight.

Witnesses claim that they heard a sound “like an earthquake” at around 2.15pm on Monday and saw a large dust cloud rising from the terraced house.

Video Credits: Times of Malta


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