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WATCH: Britney Spears Just Dropped a New Single!


The pop queen is back! Britney Spears just released her new, never-before-released single, “Swimming in The Stars”, as the singer celebrates her 39th birthday, and we’re totally here for it!



Spears delighted over 26.9 million of her fans by dropping a previously unheard single, which is actually from her famous, ninth studio album, Glory. Whilst the catchy tune didn’t make it to her 2016 record, her fans were overjoyed by the unexpected release – and so are we!



The Grammy winner and singer kept the cover art in line with the ninth studio album, crouching down on one knee in the sand next to broken chains, in a pair of fierce thigh-high metallic boots.


Britney Spears Drops Unreleased Song 'Swimming in the Stars' |


This iconic snapshot was taken at dusk, following her revamped cover release for “Glory”, depicting her posing seductively in a tiny glistening gold bodysuit.



The song is now available on all streaming platforms and YouTube.