WATCH: break-dancer WOWs passersby in Valletta

We might not have a lot of buskers and performers in Valletta’s streets, or any part of Malta for that matter, but one break-dancer seemed to grab many people’s attention a few days ago as he was performing near Valletta’s bus terminus.

The video was shared on popular RUBS Facebook group, and people were praising the guy, not only for his great dancing skills, but also for his inspirational message aimed towards all those that were watching:

“To all the parents, always encourage your kids to believe in their dreams and to never give up, make them believe that anything is possible”

‘Well done sir, not only have you inspired me today and said words I needed to hear but you’ve also cheered my daughter up! ❤️’

And it seemed like he didn’t just talk the talk, but also walked the walk. He even paid a girl that stepped up to dance with her, for her time and skill.

People commenting on the post weren’t all of the same opinion.

While some praised him for his performance…

Encountered this guy 6 months ago. Truly an inspiration and getting the younger generation involved is awesome Well deserved.”

Others weren’t so keen on the whole performing in the middle of Valletta thing …

“Ara vera bhal Londra gejna Malta”

What do you think about all of this? Should we have more buskers and performers in Malta’s streets?

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