WATCH: Borat’s “Very Nice” Becomes Kazakhstan’s New Tourism Slogan


It’s Borat season once again, with the recent addition to the Borat storyline dropping a few days ago! Appropriately titled “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”, all Borat fans are excited to finally see what Sacha Baron Cohen has in store for the most famous fictional Kazakhstan reporter on earth, Borat!

Along with the exciting news, Kazakhstan has finally accepted the free publicity that Cohen generously gave Kazakhstan with the release of the first Borat movie, and have adopted Borat’s iconic phrase as their tourism slogan!

Very Nice!



The main reason for this delay was the fact that the Kazakhstan Tourism Board was originally not very excited to hear that a large Hollywood movie was depicting their country in such a backward light, since Cohen’s depiction of Kazakhstan was nothing short of a hilariously traditional farmers village riddled with taboo topics.



However, Cohen has mentioned that he used the country of Kazakhstan as a canvas for this fictional village, since a majority of the American audience had no idea that this country even existed, which gave him the opportunity to create this ‘interesting’ country. Cohen has openly admitted that the Kazakhstan depicted in his film is nothing close to the real country, saying:

“The real Kazakhstan is a beautiful country with a modern, proud society—the opposite of Borat’s version!” – and after seeing one photo of its capital, we can clearly see why!


Astana, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Center of the city, skyscraper, view on Baiterek


Due to the recent release of the second movie, the Tourism Board decided that ‘any publicity is good publicity’ and decided to make the most of the situation! Plus, the pandemic obviously hasn’t helped Kazakhstan’s tourism sector in the slightest, so why pass up the opportunity for some free advertising!




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