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WATCH: Billie Eilish Releases Spanish Collab with Rosalía


Billie Eilish and Rosalía have teamed up for a beautiful, Spanish duet, ‘Lo Vas a Olvidar’, marking the first original song Billi has sung in Spanish!



In an interview, Billie shared, ‘It went through lots of stages, which is kind of rare for us. Usually the production we do is the production we end up with. This one was really not that way. Obviously, it was like two years, so obviously you’re going to change.’



She added, ‘It just worked. The time I heard it when it was done, I was like, ‘This is so weird.’ I don’t feel like I’ve heard a song that sounds like this, but I do feel like it’s weird and different.’



Though Eilish previously covered Carla Morrison’s “Eres Tú” during an Instagram live in 2017, the song marks the first time she has released an original in Spanish.



This isn’t the first time Billie has sung in Spanish, since she covered Carla Morrison’s Eres Tú back in 2017, but she shared, ‘I remember when we were writing the song, [Rosalía] saying something about [how] it should be in English. I was like, ‘No, no, no. It should be in Spanish. It’s so beautiful.’’



Back in March 2019, Rosalía announced the duet on Twitter, writing, ‘Can’t wait to finish our song. Being with you in the studio and seeing you yesterday inspired me sooo much. Love you B.’



Clearly, it took a while to finish the song, as Rosalía shared in April of 2019, ‘Yesterday I finished the arrangements. I feel like the production, the sound design is almost done, so I just need Billie to send the vocals and they send me the ideas that they want to add because we are there.’


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Meanwhile, Billie is up for four awards this year and she’ll be premiering her new documentary next month. Rosalía is also expected to release her third studio album.