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WATCH: BBC Journalist Praises The Maltese Language in TikTok Video


A visual journalist working at BBC and an enthusiastic TikToker, Sophia Smith Galer, posted a video in which she applauds the Maltese language for its peculiarity in a fun, informative way!



Can anyone teach me some Maltese? 🙂 #malta #learnontiktok #arabic #العربي #italiano

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Plus, the video also received nearly 400,000 views! Sophia shared that the Maltese language is one of her utmost ‘favourite languages’ and gives a few, historically accurate reasons why!



For instance, she mentions that Maltese is the only official, Semitic language of the EU – and the only Semitic language to use a Latin alphabet!


The Maltese language and other languages spoken in Malta


She even presents the extra letters in our unique alphabet and explained how certain Arabs can understand what we’re saying due to lexical similarities – which is true!


Sophia Smith Galer: Journalism's Rising TikTok Star - Interhacktives


I think I speak for everyone here when I say I’m glad that the Maltese language got some well-deserved recognition on TikTok!


What do you find fascinating about Maltese?