WATCH: Aviation Avenue Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge Opened


The pedestrian and cycling bridge on Aviation Avenue between Gudja and Luqa has been opened today.

This €2.3 million project will lead to safer connections between Luqa, Gudja, the Airport, the Institute of Tourism Studies and the area for all those who travel on foot or by bike, while being accessible to everyone.


New L-Avjazzjoni Avenue bridge for pedestrians and cyclists

📹 WATCH: New bridge for 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ pedestrians, 🚍 bus passengers and cyclists between #Gudja and #Luqa. #SustainableInfrastructure #UpgradingYourRoadNetwork🇲🇹 Segwi l-filmat: Pont ġdid għall-mixi, għall-passiġġieri Tallinja 🚏 u għaċ-ċiklisti 🚲 bejn il-Gudja u #ĦalLuqa. #InfrastrutturaSostenibbli #ToroqAħjarGħalik

Publiée par Infrastructure Malta sur Dimanche 7 juin 2020


The bridge includes ramps and lifts to facilitate accessibility and has a direct connection with bus stops, footpaths and cycle lanes in this main road. The project began in the second half of 2019.


Apart from the structure itself and accessibility and safety facilities, the bridge includes new lighting while the surrounding areas now have more than 15 indigenous trees and around 130 bushes planted by Infrastructure Malta.


Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg inaugurates the Aviation Avenue Overpass