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WATCH: Ariana Grande’s new ‘Boyfriend’ video stuns fans

Ariana Grande is back with another massive tune.

It’s only been six months since she dropped her record-breaking fifth studio album ‘Thank U Next’ but Ariana’s not hanging around.

She released her brand new single ‘Boyfriend’ with singer-songwriter-producer duo Social House.

Social House said: ‘We’ve always had so much fun working with Ariana, so we’re really excited for this song to finally be out in the world and for our fans to hear it!

‘We hope everyone loves it as much as we do.’

The duo have worked behind-the-scenes with Ariana before on 89.7 Bay hits including ‘Seven Rings’ and ‘Thank U Next’.

Ariana also launched the music video, which sees her imagine ways to take down the women her potential lover is getting with – from tackling them to the ground and firing an arrow through their hand.

But the most jaw-dropping part of the video shows Ariana pull her jacket off and shoot heart-shaped pink lasers from her chest.

On Twitter, Ariana’s fans were floored by the new pop track, letting her know that they would be hitting repeat non-stop for the next few days.

One said: ‘This song is a f****** bop! I love it so much.’

A second agreed: ‘I’m shook to the core.’

Check out the video below:

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