WATCH: Another Feather in Joseph Calleja’s Cap


The International Maltese Tenor Joseph Calleja just keeps going from strength to strength. In fact, his new album called “The Magic of Mantovani” has topped Amazon UK’s opera charts. Mantovani is a very successful album as Calleja has revived the original Decca recordings by Anglo-Italian composer and his orchestra. “The Magic of Mantovani” beat Russel Watson’s 20 and a recording of Mozart’s Mass in C minor to the top position.



Mantovani has sold 60 million records and was the first artist to sell one million stereo records worldwide. Joseph Calleja has also reached first place on the Billboard Classical Traditional chart of the United States, to mention but one major milestone in the Tenor’s career.

In the album, the Maltese tenor brings back to life original Decca recordings of works by the celebrated Anglo-Italian conductor and his orchestra, such as Spanish EyesStrangers in the NightChe Sera Sera, You’ll Never Walk Alone and Arrivederci Roma.



A London Hotel with Maltese Ownership has an entire suite dedicated to Mantovani, who was the resident conductor during the hotel’s former life as the Hôtel Métropole. Mantovani joined the hotel orchestra at the age of 19 in 1924 and was part of Emilio Colombo’s orchestra that was broadcast live every Friday at lunchtime. So there is a kind of a Maltese connection!



Given this success, Calleja has also revealed that he might have more Mantovani planned in the near future! No matter what, Calleja never fails to fly the flag wherever he goes!