WATCH: Angelina Jolie plays the Queen of Hearts in Upcoming Movie “Come Away”


In the new dark fantasy film “Come Away”, Angelina Jolie stars alongside David Oyelowo and Anna Chancellor and mystically transforms into the Queen of Hearts. She also doubles as the mother of Rose and Jack Littleton, played by Keir Chansa and Jordan A. Nash.



The movie collides the worlds of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan and is directed by Brenda Champman, who directed the hit Disney Pixar animated movie Brave. The movie is expected to be released sometime this December.



“Come Away” follows the tale of a young girl, Alice, and her mischievous brother, Peter. The siblings are driven by their imagination as they spend a long summer in the English countryside. Encouraged by their parents, Alice and Peter partake in make-believe pirate ship adventures and tea parties – that is, until danger arises.



The kids travel to London to sell a precious heirloom in order to help their parents, who are struggling to make ends meet. When they make their way back home, Alice finds comfort down a rabbit hole whilst Peter escapes by entering a magical realm, where he leads the Lost Boys.


It is during Alice’s adventures that we see Angelina transform into the Queen of Hearts. And if you’re a fan of live-action movies like Finding Neverland or The Chronicles of Narnia, then Come Away is right up your street!