WATCH: An epic Christmas Story


If there’s one thing we’ve all needed this Christmas, is a happy ending. And after one epic rebranding, Malta’s most recommended mobile network decided to write their own for a few lucky Maltese folk.

A true Maltese Christmas miracle


Showing appreciation to all those who have been working tirelessly this year, epic travelled around the island to spread cheer and goodwill to all.

Starting with the sisters at the St Theresa Home in Zurrieq, the epic gang delivered presents to the children and the sisters. The sisters seemed more than grateful, thanking epic for their gifts but still finding time to wish us all the best for the New Year.



Their next stop on the joyful journey was Mater Dei

How can you even begin to think of Christmas without sparing a thought for all the nurses working while we’re at home tucked into our beds?



You can’t. And epic certainly didn’t either, with their bags of goodies galore waiting to be dished out amongst the Mater Dei ITU staff.


Moving forward (or back – if you’ve ever taken the bus in Malta), one of Malta’s longest-serving bus drivers was in for a treat, too.

Marthese Grech has been driving buses for nearly a decade – and she always works on Christmas.



Ticking every box a Maltese mother would, Marthese even says if she wasn’t working for the Christmas season she’d probably be home cooking for the family.

But at least this year, Marthese had a replacement for the kitchen duties this festive season: her husband.



Next on the list was the good old Malta Red Cross.

Just as anyone else will say, this year has not been an easy one – but no doubt this has only made things all the more uneasy for our frontliners.

They’ve been out on the frontline of the mess that 2020 has been to help make sure we’re kept safe and healthy. It’s a no-brainer that these guys and girls deserve a few mince pies after a hard day’s work – if not a few more for the next day, when they get up to do it all over again.


The final stop brings epic full-circle

Back to their own employees at the call centre – the staff here have been keeping epic’s customer service afloat all year. Epic treated their staff to some festive snacks during their shift to keep the spirit up and cheer carrying on all throughout Christmas Eve.



And to think – epic got all this done on the day before Christmas. We’ve already called it a Christmas miracle, but it sure as hell was an epic one.


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