WATCH: All Of The Maltese Islands Join Together In One Choir To Celebrate Malta’s Success


As Malta embraces Normality today, we were treated to a stunning rendition of “Viva Malta,” probably one of the most known Maltese songs.

Led by Eurovision star Amber, this video is surely to instil that sense of pride we should all feel, after we managed to get through the worst of the pandemic, only because, we worked, and we still need, to work together!

Uploaded on the COVID-19 Info Page, the post states that it is only thanks to the people of Malta and Gozo that we are returning to the normality which we all love.


L-għajta Viva Malta 🇲🇹 toħroġ mill-qalb kbira ta’ dan il-poplu wieħed magħqud.Huwa Grazzi għalikom li pajjiżna qed…

Publiée par Covid19 Malta sur Jeudi 4 juin 2020


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