WATCH: Akon Just Named Malta As His Favourite City… And We Don’t Know How To Feel

We’ve seen Akon perform at the Floriana Granaries during the Isle of MTV – we’ve sang along to classics such as ‘Lonely’ and ‘Right Now’, so you can imagine how happy we’d feel when Akon mentions Malta as his favourite place… however, there’s a big but.

Akon did name drop Malta as a favourite – only thing is, he said it’s his favourite city.



It all went down during a conference call with crypto trading platform Binance. Akon was asked what his favourite city is – and he just went for it.

Sorry to break it to you Akon … but Malta isn’t a city. We agree, it is the perfect combination of desert and water – but it’s not a city.



But in all fairness, we can’t be mad. Yes, he has visited a couple of times, but our island is so tiny. Many cities around Europe are three or four times the size of our tiny island .We’d probably think Malta is a city too if we weren’t living in it, and weren’t really Geography buffs.

So let’s just say – Akon, you’re welcome to visit your favourite city whenever you want – we’ll welcome you with arms wide open.



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