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WATCH: Adorable tiger cubs born at Dublin Zoo

A competition has been launched to find names for two rare baby tigers born at a zoo.

The Amur tiger cubs will be unveiled to visitors at Dublin Zoo in Ireland this weekend.

The species is endangered with only 500 or so believed to be living in the wild.

The female cubs were born in October after a 106-day pregnancy to first-time mother Tundra.

They have been kept in a private enclosure with their mum since they were born while their father Ussuri remained outside.

Like all tiger cubs, they were born with their eyes closed and were unable to see for the first 12-14 days.

Dublin Zoo team leader Ciaran McMahon said the cubs have been doing extremely well.

He said: ‘Tundra is an exceptional first-time mother and she has shown strong maternal instincts from the very beginning.

‘They’re very playful and energetic, just like their mother’.

‘The cubs have fun chasing each other and play-fighting which helps keep their claws sharp, while Tundra makes sure to clean them up straight afterwards, just like any good parent would.’

To celebrate their birth, Dublin Zoo is inviting the public to suggest names for the new arrivals based on their Russian origins.

Suggestions can be submitted here.

Tiger themed activities will take place at Dublin Zoo this weekend between 11am and 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

The zoo is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Ireland and is home to more than 400 animals.