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WATCH: Adorable Puppy With Five Legs Baffles The Internet


An incredible little pup has been born with five legs, but she’s just as cute as her four-legged siblings!



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Meet Chanel, an American bulldog who was born with an extra leg that’s located where her tail should be. Bearing her extra appendage in mind, her owners cleverly named her Chanel #5.



Chanel was then introduced to the internet, but people were initially confused and wondered if it was a fifth leg or just another tail… but after a series of tests and ultrasounds, it’s been confirmed that Chanel’s been blessed with five legs!



It’s true, she has 5 legs. 😍#fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #5legs #puppiesoftiktok #norcalbullybreedrescue #viral #dogsoftiktok #🐾

♬ original sound – NorCal_BullyBreed_Rescue


The pup made her star-studded debut on @norcal_bullybreed_rescue’s TikTok page, where one of the members of the rescue team showed her extra leg that boasts three toes and three pads on the bottom – which is super cute, just saying.



The page explained that Chanel’s tail-like leg is definitely a leg since it has an ankle bone in it. As the rescuer explained: ‘It’s been confirmed that Chanel has five legs. This is not a tail; this is a fifth leg; it has three toes and three pads. The confirmation was done by a physical exam by a veterinarian, because this right here is bone. It’s called tarsus bone, and it’s the ankle bone in a dog, so Chanel does have five legs.’



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♬ original sound – NorCal_BullyBreed_Rescue


The woman also shows that Chanel has a teensy weensy tail right next to her fifth leg!



As for the medical side of it, it’s too early to tell if Chanel will need to have the fifth leg removed or not.