WATCH: Accident Survivor Shares a Heartfelt Message To Thank All Those Who Supported Him


In April, Matteo Grima, an 18-year old Football Player, was left with serious injuries, following a traffic accident in Rabat where he was struck by a moving vehicle. After three weeks in hospital, 12 of days of which he was in a coma, Matthew was discharged from hospital and is now recovering, in what he has described as a “miracle”.

In a touching video which he uploaded on his social media profile, Matteo thanked all those who supported him throughout this ordeal, as well as the medical staff at Mater Dei Hospital.

Matteo, a first-year Arthitecture Student had to pause all studies, and is looking forward to catch up on his University work.


Xtaqt nghaddilkom dan il-messagg

Publiée par Matteo Grima sur Mercredi 3 juin 2020


We cannot but admire Matteo for his courage, his positivity and his determination, and we are sure that this video will help to empower all those who might be going through a difficult time at the moment!

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