WATCH: A Skateboarding Rabbit Who Loves To Bring a Smile to Children In Hospitals


Meet Cookie.


A skateboarding rabbit who loves cruising the pavement!


This 7 year old bunny residing in Windsor Canada throughout his life with humans has developed a love for skateboarding.



His human master, Ron Gudel who is a professional magician and mentalist explains that Cookie isn’t just a bunny boarder.


Cookie also volunteers at local children’s hospitals to visit patients and put a smile on their faces.


Gudel explains that Cookie also enjoys biking and picnics.




He also has no cage and eats his meals at the family table with his human family where he enjoys eating lettuce, carrots and applause for being such a dream child.


Thanks to his talents, Cookie is on speed dial as he makes special appearances from time to time at numerous charity events and shows.


Cookie the Skateboarding Rabbit Visits Children's Hospitals |


Furthermore, he never shy away from a show as he is no stranger to large stages and crowds.



He surely steals the show as Cookie attracts both kids and adults to pet him or take pictures with him.


Evidently it seems that making someone’s day brighter is all in the family!


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