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WATCH: A Reboot of Paranormal Activity is Officially in the Works


Nearly 14 years ago, the first ‘Paranormal Activity’ movie petrified moviegoers all over the world, and launched what instantly became one of the most recognisable found-footage franchises in modern horror history.

Though the movies that followed never quite captured the same amount of chills that the first instalment gave, the series turned out to be quite a lucrative one, grossing nearly $900m dollars, that’s 30 times more than the budget used for all the movies.



Surely this was a factor that has now led to the series returning with a rebut in March 2022.

The new movie, which at this point has no title yet, will be directed by Will Eubank and written by longtime Paranormal Activity writer Christopher Landon.



It was in fact Landon who announced the reboot in a tweet saying ‘no one could possibly guess what new, crazy nightmares [Eubank] and I are cooking up. Expect the Unexpected.’



This will be the 7th instalment in the Paranormal Activity series, with the last one being ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension,’ which at that time was meant to be the finale.



That’s all we know so far…we will find out the rest next year!