WATCH: New Feature Film About A Fictitious Plot to Murder Dom Mintoff


The first teaser trailer has just launched for “Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi” the newest Maltese feature film all about Maltese political divides. The film is based on the bold novel of the same name, by award-winning author Alex Vella Gera.


The story starts in 1984 when a young father, Richard Sammut Petri got wrapped up in a plot to assassinate the Prime minister of Malta when political tensions were at a distressing high. His son, Noel returns to Malta in 2012 still haunted by memories of his father who had abandoned him. The film draws parallels between the tensions during the 1980s and today’s political and social life.



Director, Martin Bonnici said that the film is currently in post-production. That said, we can expect the full trailer to be released in the coming months. The film is set to be released exclusively at the Eden Cinemas later this year, permitted that COVID-19 restrictions ease up.


David Friggieri and Daniel Fiott discuss the novel Is-Sriep Regghu Saru  Velenuzi, with the author Alex Vella Gera


The cast includes some local acting veterans like Gianni Selvaggi, Joseph Zammit, Erica Muscat, Chris Galea and Paul Portelli. Others not featured in this sneak peek trailer are Joe Azzopardi, Matthew Maggi, Tina Rizzo, Ronald Briffa and Theresa Gauci and more.


The film is funded by the National Book Council Malta with additional investment by Shadeena Entertainment Ltd and Splash Screen Entertainment. It was produced by Martin Bonnici and Andreas Kyriacou, while the screenplay was written by Teodor Reljic.



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