WATCH: 45 Years Ago, Malta Television Service, now TVM, Aired its First-Ever Broadcast


“This is Malta Television Service – Today I feel as though I am meeting you face to face, and I wish it was possible for me to shake each and every one of your hands.”

With these words, the legendary Charles Arrigo aired the first-ever broadcast of what was to become TVM. The Malta Television Service, or as it was known back then, MTV went live in 1975.


45 ta xandir

4️⃣5️⃣ ta' Xandir 🎞🎞… mill-1975 sa llum… X'memorji għandek ta' dan iż-żmien kollu? 📺📺Filmati – Malta Audio Visual Memories

Publiée par Television Malta sur Lundi 28 septembre 2020


The first-ever Maltese programme was by another legend of Maltese TV, Charles Clews and the little Raymond Debono. This retro-ific video by the Malta Audio Visual Memories takes us to a trip down memory lane as we see key moments in Maltese TV history, with the first outside-broadcast, the first Drama sets, and the first transmission in colour, on the 8th July 1981.



It also graces us with the improvements made in the National Broadcaster’s history as well as a very young Keith Demicoli!  When one thinks of TVM, one definitely cannot help but bring back memories of old faces and key moments which we have all watched, even back in the day when there was only one local TV station.

Those my age definitely remember news giants such as Anna Bonanno, Joe Dimech, Ruth Amaira and Paul Azzopardi giving us the news, religiously, every day at 8pm. Anna Bonanno spent in fact nearly 30 years as TVM’s main newscaster.



We also cannot forget timeless programmes like Wenzu u Rozi, Ahn’Ahna jew Mahniex and Malta’s favourite guilty pleasures – the Malta Song for Europe and the Eurovision Song Contest.



Whilst thanking Xandir Malta for all the memories, we’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to TVM!