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WATCH: 30-Year-Old Woman Trades A Hairpin For A House


A 30-year-old woman managed to trade a hairpin for a house through a series of shrewd swaps!


Over a year ago, a woman from San Francisco called Demi Skipper was bored during lockdown and decided to get creative and make the most out of her time. After watching a TED Talk in which Kyle MacDonald showed how he swapped a paperclip for a house in a year, Demi decided to try and do something similar for herself.



She challenged herself by using a simple hairclip for her first swap. To her surprise, she had already managed to upgrade to a snowboard by the fourth swap.


It took Demi countless hours searching for potential trades and sending messages to prospective swappers to reach her goal. However after 28 swaps, she finally got the keys to her new house in Clarksville, Tennessee. During an interview with LADbible, she said “It wasn’t until I saw the house in front of me that I was like, ‘Holy crap, these keys go to this house and I own this house…. it was really, really surreal.”


She recalled that the toughest times during the whole experience were when she realised she did a bad trade because she couldn’t spend any money to fix it and she couldn’t undo the trade. In fact, the diamond necklace was one of the worst trades she did because what she thought was a necklace worth $20,000, was actually $2,500.


She shared her incredible journey with millions of followers on TikTok to remind others: “this just shows you, it’s possible.”


Demi and her husband plan on renovating the house so that she could swap it for a hairpin and start swapping all over again. She hopes to keep swapping until she gets more houses so that she can give them away to others.


Would you consider trying this for yourself?