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WATCH: 21-Year-Old YouTuber Builds Elevator For His Aging Cat Who Can’t Climb Down Stairs


Famous New Zealand-based YouTuber and pet lover Liam Thompson built an elevator so that his cat could easily go down the stairs and get to his favorite spot by the pool!



20-year-old Frodo was starting to find it difficult to go up and down the stairs, but thanks to Thompson’s creative skills he can now do so despite the mobility difficulties he was facing with age. This DIY elevator was built using pieces of plywood, sliding door rails, and an electric hoist!



In his YouTube video – which gartered in over 2 million views – Liam explained that he spent days trying to make this project a success. In fact, before the first voyage on the elevator, he jokingly asked Frodo “Are you ready to go downstairs without moving a muscle? I hope so because it took me four days.”



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This proud cat dad called the moment Frodo safely made it down the stairs on the DIY elevator “the greatest day of my life.” He took spoiling his cat to a whole new level!


Would you consider creating something similar for your pet?