WATCH: 1Kg of Cigarette Butts Collected as Saving Our Blue Continued in Golden Bay Today


News Anchor Keith Demicoli ditched the suit and tie, and the desk and headed to Golden Bay to participate in a massive awareness activity organised as part of the Saving Our Blue Campaign, of which he is an avid activist! Keith told Bay that today’s main focus was on microplastics – especially because we are in the middle of Plastic-Free-July!

The Saving Our Blue Team Members were sieving the sand at Golden Bay and taking out any pieces of micro- and not-so-micro-plastic. Keith told us that they are not finding as much single-use plastic as they did before, but he did say that there has been an increase of cigarette butts on our beaches.



The “microplastic” operation, developed to also include cigarette-butt collection – and in fact, as Keith told us, nearly 1 kilo of cigarette butts were collected.

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