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Warning Issued To Stay Inside As Temperatures Soar To 43°C


The health authorities are urging people to avoid staying outdoors, opening windows, or using ovens in the coming days due to the ongoing heatwave.


Seeing the end of Malta's record-breaking heat wave - Oh My Malta


As Wednesday’s temperatures are expected to soar to 43°C, superintendent of public health Charmaine Gauci made a stark warning to ‘Keep the windows closed while the room is cooler than outdoors and then take the opportunity to cool the house during the night by opening the windows’.



‘It is also recommended that people avoid using the stove and oven as these will raise the temperature of the room. Take cool showers and frequently wet your hands, face and back of neck.’, she added.


Heatwave to hit Malta as Europe braced for hot weather


The unbearable heat that Malta’s been facing over the past few weeks has also impacted the southern Mediterranean, sparking major fires in Greece, Turkey, and Sicily. A few local woodlands have even been affected by the sizzling heat.



Gauci also advised to avoid alcohol, coffee, and tea, as well as large amounts of sugar in drinks. She also insisted that strenuous training should be kept for the coolest time of day, like the early hours of the morning.