Want to save on that electricity bill? Here’s how to keep your home cool without an AC!

malta cool down

Malta’s heat can be pretty unbearable at times, but leaving the AC on for hours on end is bound to run up your electricity bill to the roof.

But not to worry as we’ve found some useful tips and tricks to ditch the AC while still leaving your room feeling as cool and refreshing as ever.

Put your sheets in the freezer

Nope, we’re not joking. Put your sheets in a plastic bag (so they don’t smell like frozen poultry) and put it in the freezer for a few minutes – 5 tops. Then take them out and enjoy your refreshingly cool sheets.

Put a bucket full of ice in front of your fan

While you may enjoy the sound that your voice makes when you’re so close to the fan, it’s probably better to find a way to cool down the room without having to stand so close to the fan or turning on the AC.

Placing a bucket full of ice in front of your fan should do that nicely.

Keep lights off whenever you can

This should make sense right? Light bulbs give off heat, so turning them off whenever you can, will not only save you money, but will also keep your room cooler.

Hang a wet sheet in front of your window

Apart from the fact that it will keep the sun from directly entering your room, when the air passes through the wet cloth, the moisture will cool your room down.

Use the Barbeque instead of the oven whenever you can

Using an oven or stove in summer will definitely make your room feel warmer, so ditching them and opting for a barbeque will not only give your food a delicious taste of summer, but will also keep your room cooler.

You’re welcome.

Focus on cooling yourself down

And we’ve got the perfect tips and tricks to do just that, all given by our nanna – the person who has survived years of heat without an AC is sight.