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Very Few New Cases Of STDs Reported In Malta Since Measures Discourage “Netflix And Chill”

Seems like Social Distancing measures have left a positive effect on some areas – as reports of new cases of sexually transmitted infections have decreased over the past few weeks, after residents were asked to remain home as much as they possibly can.

Valeska Padovese, who runs the GU Clinic at Mater Dei Hospital, told Times of Malta that partial lockdown rules were impacting Malta’s sexual health, with less casual hookups occurring.

“Up until just before the virus outbreak, the situation was quite bad, particularly with syphilis and gonorrhoea. My impression now is that people are social distancing and so casual sexual encounters are down,” she tells Times of Malta.

Padovese shares that as measures start getting eased, they’re expecting more visits to the GU clinic, and a likely growth in the number of new reported cases.

A lot of patients do not exhibit any symptoms prior to testing so some may be infected and not aware of it, Padovese warned.

Whether or not you have symptoms, if you’re leading a sexually active lifestyle, make sure to get tested regularly.

The GU clinic is located on the second floor of the outpatient department, Mater Dei Hospital.

The clinic operates on the essential factor of absolute confidentiality and it’s a free for all service.

You can call on 2122 7981 to book your appointment.