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Valletta Ranks 16th As Best Global City For food


Malta’s capital city ranks 16th in the new Global Foodie Index by Asher & Lyric which evaluated 150 cities worldwide based on their “unbelievably tasty food.” This puts the city ahead of many well-known food destinations around the world.



The top three cities for best cuisine according to the Global Foodie Index are Tokyo, Paris, and Bangkok, as determined by five evaluation criteria. Tokyo and Paris specifically stand out with over 420 Michelin-starred restaurants each.



According to the travel and food blog “many people, including us, sometimes plan their travels primarily to experience new cuisine.” The blog, which has received recognition from various media outlets including CNN and The New York Times, offers not only rankings but also podcasts on food. It appears that Valletta, has made a significant impression on the foodie family.



Not a single city in Italy, which is renowned as a global destination for food lovers, managed to outrank Valletta. Venice, Milan, and Rome placed 28th, 29th, and 43rd respectively.