Valletta Ranked As The Fifth Best European City For Food Lovers


According to a study by Uswitch, Valletta has been ranked as the fifth most ideal European city, among thirty others, to relish a valuable meal. Valletta was also ranked as the second-best for vegetarian options.



The study looked at the cost of a meal when dining out in the city, alongside several cafes, pubs, restaurants, as well as the number of places offering brunch, fast food, and vegetarian food options.


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Athens in Greece claimed the first place in the list, offering ‘delicious’ food for an average of €16.62 per meal, having an overall score of 88.47 out of 100.



Belgrade in Serbia ranked second (83.06), owing to its highly rated pubs. Following Belgrade was Sofia, Bulgaria (79.63), which was listed as one of the best places for fast food and cafes.




Preceding Valletta is Tirana, Albania (78.76). Valletta scored 78.73 points, and an average meal in the city was found to cost €23.47. Valletta also came in second place for vegetarian food options.



Valletta held an overall average rating of 8.84 out of 10, whilst Belgrade attained an 8.85 average rating. In the meantime, Zagreb, Tirana, and Athens all scored an average rating of 8.7.


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Elsewhere, Malta ranked fourth as one of the best European cities to brunch in, with an 8.84 average. First place was awarded to Tirana in Albania with an 8.95 average.


Where is your favourite place to eat in Europe?

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