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Valentine’s Day For ‘All The Single Ladies’ (and Lads) Out There!


Yes, we know. V-Day is upon us, yet again and we’re still as single as a pringle. But hey, that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate it too! Valentine’s Day is not just a feast for those with a significant other, BUT it’s a celebration of love and friendship! So, here are 4 things you can do… to celebrate you!


Go on a Dinner Date


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Whether it’s with your sibling, cousin, best friend, you can NEVER go wrong with food. And if you want to be even more ballsy this Valentine’s, why not take yourself out and enjoy some quality alone time!


Spend a Night at Your Favourite Hotel


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Grab a bestie – or just a good bottle of wine – and book a night’s stay at one of Malta’s finest, such as The InterContinental, and enjoy your night to the very full!



Have a Movie Night


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Throw on your fave pyjamas, order whatever takeout you desire, and put on your favourite feel-good movie (with some snacks for during the movie too, of course)!


Games Night


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Grab your family or your friends, gather some board games, and let the games begin! Monopoly, Ludo, Twister, or Cards Against Humanity for a great laugh…just make sure it doesn’t get too competitive – we’re all about love and friendship here, remember?



Buy Yourself Flowers


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Might seem absolutely ridiculous to some people, but half the reason why I love recieving flowers is that it just brightens up your space and brings some joy into your room! So why not pick yourself up some of your favourite flowers?


Treat Yourself


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The celebration of love includes self-love too you know, and what better way to do so than by treating yourself a lil? Prep a luscious bubble bath, go on a shopping spree, go eat at your favourite restaurant and try that new dish you’ve been dying to try, just do whatever feels good.


How are YOU spending your Valentine’s Day?