Vaccine Certificates No Longer Have An Expiry Date


The COVID-19 vaccine certificate no longer has an expiry date, despite a legal notice stating that it would only be valid for six months.



The news was confirmed by public health chief Charmaine Gauci on Wednesday.


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Don’t worry if you are not yet eligible for the booster or if you have not yet taken it, your vaccine certificate is still valid. So if you need to go abroad or attend an event or eat at restaurants where you need to show your vaccination certificate, then your certificate is valid,’ Gauci remarked.



Gauci also revealed that there are currently talks underway at the EU level over the updating of the document, though this would happen once everyone receives their booster shot.


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The legal notice stating the certificate will be valid for six months was published earlier this year. However, Gauci said that the document has no date on it and therefore, is not linked to any particular time frame.


The vaccine certificates were first made available in May.