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US Forcing Women To Join Military Draft


The US plans to force 18-year-old girls to register for the military draft after a debate regarding gender equality.



According to the new amendment in the government defence budget; anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 would be required to declare themselves available to fight in future battles. Since the Vietnam War, the United States has not had a military draft, and senior Pentagon officials are against establishing one.


Last week, the Senate Armed Services Committee was approved by the Senate National Defense Authorization Act which removes the word “male” from the 1948 Military Selective Service Act. The move was contested by five Republican senators.


Even though there is no male draft, young men still need to register for the Military Selective Service System. They may be penalized if they do not comply, such as not obtaining financial aid from college schemes.



Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas who voted against this movement said;


‘Our military has welcomed women for decades and are stronger for it. But America’s daughters shouldn’t be drafted against their will.’



Many public figures made public statements on Twitter regarding the matter. The majority did not agree with this law.


Ria Tabacco Mar, director of women’s rights at the American Civil Liberties Union, said:


‘The requirement that only men, but not women, register for the draft is one of the last examples of overt sex discrimination written into our federal law. Like many laws that appear to benefit women, men-only registration actually impedes women’s full participation in civic life.’



Josh Hawley, a Republican senator from Missouri voted against the plan.


 ‘It’s one thing to allow American women to choose this service, but it’s quite another to force it upon our daughters, sisters, and wives. Missourians feel strongly that compelling women to fight our wars is wrong and so do I.’



This law has imposed great fear among families in the US.



Last year, President Joe Biden said;


‘The United States does not need a larger military, and we don’t need a draft at this time. I would, however, ensure that women are also eligible to register for the Selective Service System so that men and women are treated equally in the event of future conflicts.’


Being ELIGIBLE to register is one thing, but being FORCED to is another. No one should ever be forced to join the military, those who wish to serve their country will do so with their own free will.



If the legislation passes, it will come into effect one year after it is signed into law.